Logistic-Warehousing-Delivery service

We have a dedicated purchasing and shipping department of 7 people in Japan who order and co-ordinate the shipping of the wines from 16 countries. When the wines arrive in Japan each case is open and the bottles are individually hand inspected. Expensive wine are then individually wrapped. The wines are stored in our climatized warehouses. We have two warehouses one in Yokohama and one in Kobe to optimize our deliveries under all conditions.

横浜 横浜配送センター
神戸 神戸配送センター

  • 合計サイズ: ~6,000m2
  • 合計貯蔵量: ~2,000,000本
  • 発送/注文: ~年間550,000件
  • 配送会社:ヤマト運輸、日本郵便、佐川急便、リーファーシステムジャパン他

Marketing Support

Thanks to a dedicated marketing team of 10 people, we are able to offer regular sales activities, seasonal selections, promotions and product information. It allows us to provide all categories of clients with a unique and exceptional wine list and event program during the year. This is absolutely fundamental to who we are, as we strive to create added value and the best possible experience.

In house designers

Our in-house design team can create wine lists, tent cards and flyers for our customers that showcase your wine offering in a unique and eye-catching way. Here are some recent examples of our work: Our Work


弊社の営業チームは、日本の全地域を対象に活動しており、また、生産者と直接取引をしていることから、多数のプロモーションイベントや試飲会開催の機会が多くあります。ピーロートジャパンでは年に二回の試飲会イベントを行っており、毎年12~15の生産者がこのイベントの為に来日され、お客様へ直接ワインを紹介されます。また、弊社は毎年フランスのワインスペシャリスト ベタンヌ&ドゥソーヴとコラボレーションして「レディーズ&ジェントルメンワインメーカーズ来日イベント」を開催しております。2017年の同イベントでは、世界中から69の生産者が23の地域より参加し、3日間で5100名を超える来場者(個人のお客様を含む)を迎えました。

Online Experience

Our new website provides plenty to learn about our products and producers with quality content and also allow digital ordering. Our customers are able to order through our ecommerce platform integrated in our website, and manage their purchases, any day of the week, 24h/24h.

But that’s not all; amongst the new features the site contains integrated print/pdf buttons for all our products and producers information pages, as well as a Wine List print application that will allow our guests users to build their wine list within few clicks.