Skywalker Vineyards

George Lucas’ visionary brilliance transitions seamlessly from screen to a vineyard panoramic where he has assembled the ultimate cast; including world-class winemakers, wineries in California and Italy which are ripe with potential, and an architectural vernacular that ties everything together in an unrivaled wine experience.
Skywalker Vineyards began two decades ago at Skywalker Ranch, Lucas was inspired and encouraged by the success of his friend Francis Ford Coppola’s winemaking endeavors to begin his own venture. Lucas first planted 4 acres of vineyard in 1991, which has expanded to 28 acres of some of the finest fruit grown in Marin County.
Earth, elevation and atmosphere play a critical role in pushing the boundaries of grape growing to realize new and distinguished flavors. Whether located at the summit of Skywalker Ranch, exposed to morning or afternoon sun, or tucked into the valley floor to keep the coastal winds at bay, all factors contribute to creating unique wines from Marin County.
Under the keen eye of Winemaker Scott McLeod, the past two decades have been tirelessly dedicated to nurturing the best possible fruit at Skywalker Vineyards. West Marin’s fluctuating climate and short growing season are a constant test of locations, clones, environments, techniques—and sanity.
The Skywalker Vineyards estate winery embodies the spirit of the place–where a coastal fog funneling its way through the Nicasio gap meets a warm Mediterranean-like climate–and is both dramatically striking and welcoming, with a classic California touch of hospitality.

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