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Story Ridge Vineyards

Rutherford Ranch …Napa Valley‘s best kept secret in a nutshell:
・ Located on the Napa Valley‘s prestigious Silverado Trail, an historic trade route
・ Inspired by Marko Zaninovich, one of the largest family-owned grape growers in California
・ He devotes his vast knowledge of rootstocks, clones, and finely tuned vineyard practice to
the creation of fine wines
・ Great wines begin in the vineyard ? never more that one of the nation‘s most respected
grape growers is making fine wines in the heart of the Napa Valley
・ The success of Rutherford efforts relies on the wine quality ? so good, it speaks for itself
・ No need to waste resources on wine centers or fanciful stories, the only thing that matters is the 
genuine quality and value of their Napa Valley wines.

・ MEGA FOCUS 2 WINES ONLY: - 1 x California Appellation

・ BLEND / CUVEE: We opted for blends. The most successful premium & icon wines
from the USA are blends (even varietals are quasi blends)

・ CLASSIC PACKAGE: With a smile the observer will notice classic (French) elements of labeling. The bear as a symbol for California (and strength) + the name PANAMERA is authentic America.
The name PANAMERA comes from Panamericana and the Spanish word “Carretera Panamericana” meaning “Pan-American highway”. The Panamericana is the infamous open road that connects Alaska to Argentina and runs straight through the United States.

・ ATTRACTIVE: We know about the competitiveness of todays markets. VFM =PRICING Value for money is the law! The consumer celebrates as the price of wine is again back to its true value (quality)!