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Champagne Taittinger

1240 – Thibaud IV, Count of Champagne, King of Navarre and poet returned from Cyprus with a vine plant, an ancestor of the Chardonnay variety, which would become the mark of the Taittinger House

1734  Jacques Fourneaux, a Champagne wine merchant, founded the company that would later become Taittinger

1932  Pierre Taittinger bought Château de la Marquetterie, whose vines were planted in the 18th century by Brother Oudart, a Benedictine monk and one of the founding fathers of Champagne

1945  François Taittinger defined the Chardonnay style : feminine, elegant, which is still the signature of Taittinger

2006  Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, presently President, bought back the House, as the Taittinger Group had been sold to Starwood in 2005

Present  Vitalie & Clovis Taittinger, respectively Artistic Director & Export Director, joined their father in this adventure, reaffirming Taittinger as the last International Eponymous Champagne Brand

Taittinger being both a family and a signature, 

is committed to provide the best quality to its consumers


A presence in 140 countries through independent agents

5,5 million bottles sold per year

Highest quality standards

288 hectares owned by Taittinger that represents the 2nd most important vineyards in Champagne


One of the only

Worldwide Eponymous Brands left

A House led by the Family Taittinger with Pierre-Emmanuel, Clovis & Vitalie, who represent the 4th generation

An independent distribution network in more than 140 countries

A strong brand image

in France & Worldwide


A dynamic, young & passionate team

A Champagne House strong in all the traditional distribution networks

An ambition to have a personalized follow up with all the clients, all over the world


A high quality Champagne, recognized worldwide 

The 2nd most important vineyard of Champagne, with nearly 300 hectares

A heritage & patrimony very rich (cellars from the 3rd century, the Château de la Marquetterie etc.)

A constant quality as a key factor of success, under the supervision of 4 oenologists 


A style driven by the Chardonnay, which gives finesse & elegance to the Champagnes

The family signature is in the refined & purity style of the wines, as well as it guarantees its high quality standards

A highly qualitative selection of the grapes, a juice coming at 95% from the first press, and a long maturation in the cellars the pillars of our  unique Champagnes

Why is Taittinger unique ? 

Taittinger is the only international Eponymous Brand, with the name of the Family managing the House on the bottle

The quality standards are very high for each step of the process, from the vineyards to the road to market

Taittinger is a grower and a winemaker also called “recoltant-manipulant”

The wines are internationally recognized for being among the finest ones of the Champagne Region

A success story that continues 

For decades, Champagne Taittinger is referred to as a leading House in Champagne thanks to

Its solidity and consistency

Its unique style, driven by the Chardonnay

Its quality, pure and elegant Champagnes, awarded by both amateurs and specialists

Who are our clients ? – 

Taittinger is strongly present in all the distribution networks:

On trade, with key prestigious accounts in starred restaurants, trendy bars and luxury hotels

Off trade, with the finest high end wine shops and department stores

Corporate Business, for prestigious gifts to their clients

Duty Free : Airports, Cruise Lines

Cash & Carry / Supermarkets accounts

Our clients are both connoisseurs & specialists