Tenuta Luce della Vite

Our story. The dawn.

When Vittorio Frescobaldi – at the beginning of the 90s – met Robert Mondavi, it brought about a new chapter in the history of great Tuscan wines and in the history of quality wines. After that meeting, there was Luce.
Everything came from a desire to realise a dream: creating exceptional wines in the environment of an already particularly suitable terroir, Montalcino. An ambitious project, baptised Luce della Vite, in homage to the primary element which brings heat, energy and life. Nothing would exist in nature without light.

Sun, heat, life. This is the tale of Luce.

Over the years, the Luce Estate honoured this vision by becoming a cradle for wines to take shape, which overcame borders to gain unanimous international appreciation and consensus.
The nature of time has seen passing of the baton to Lamberto Frescobaldi, Vittorio’s son. Under his guidance, the Luce Estate has gained further appreciation and knowledge, of respectful discipline to the rhythms of nature, and beloved and appreciated winemaking quality.
As in nature, the Luce Estate is rooted in revolution and transformation; roots which are ever-deeper because they are living, bringing nutrients and creating life. Man’s merit, guardian of knowledge and experience. Merit of the respect for the cadenced rhythms that rule life. As only nature knows.

The shining Sun, emblem of Luce.

The logo of this ambitious project, a shining Sun with twelve fiery flames, is a golden sun with a double meaning: a source of life 
and nourishment, harking back to the roots of our cultural tradition. Over the centuries, especially in Tuscany, the sun symbol has played in important role both in civil and religious iconography.
In terms of religious iconography, the Luce Sun logo takes its inspiration from the Santo Spirito altar in Florence, a basilica built on land donated by the Frescobaldi family. The altar, a ducal masterpiece, built between 1599 and 1607, is decorated with inlaid marble to enhance the colours of the lapis lazuli, onyx, and marble.
Historical toing and froing, the perpetual cycle of parents and children; the infinite alternations of generations, of existences. A perpetual rhythm under the Sun that rises every day; that comes up every day in the resplendent sky, or glimmers through through the clouds; then every day falls behind our gentle vined slopes. As nature knows.

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