Rene Brisset

René Brisset was born in the Champagne region, France in 1899. His passion had two: one is French history, particularly keen to study for French royal families. The other is the champagne-making. He traveled around the world in order to convey the Champagne and the charm of Champagne region from the 1930's. He has been spent all his life for these two and people said that he has finished a happy life without having to get married even once.

Since 1974, Champagne René Brisset has been inherited by Champagne Lombard. In 1925, Champagne Lombard was founded by Robert Andrieu. Now a day, Thierry Lombard, the third generation is owner of its family-run business based in Epernay. Champagne Lombard makes Champagne René Brisset as well as Champagne Lombard, the same as the family name of the founder family. Champagne Lombard has made carefully several champagnes since its inception, standard Brut which is chosen by Air France, Air China and JAL, however especially taking advantage of the three ranges of Premier Cru and nine ranges of Grand Cru have been made as the prestige champagne with original taste of high-quality grapes and champagne terroir. Champagne Lombard control everything from the cultivation of grapes, aging, the champagne manufacturer up to production.
Champagne René Brisset is still fascinate the champagne lovers around the world!

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