Château Reaut

Château Reaut is located on a top hill facing south at 100m altitude over the Garone River, which cross the Bordeaux city. All the vineyard is high density level as a Grand Cru (around 6,000 vines per hectare) and thanks to its location gets all gentle winds who protect from humidiy and diseases. This garanty a high ripeness to the grapes and give to the wine a full body with a delicate acidity.

Château Reaut Vineyard has been totally renewed and fully replanted as a Grand Cru by the great champagne house Roederer from 2003 to 2011. Then Yannick Evenou has bought it from them gathering with him 400 private wine lovers, all co-owners. Today Château Reaut is gathering 700 co-owners from 22 countries and is the best in its appellation.

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