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Venea Azienda Agricola

Venea is a very young winery (founded in 2010) with 10 Hectares of vineyardsand a couple of hectars with olive tree. Venea is located in the city of Fossacesia a city famous for wine and olive oil.

Although the winery is very young, the Paolucci family has a long tradition in cultivating vineyards. The Paolucci are winegrowers since many generations. For many years they delivered their grapes to local cooperatives but as they were not interested in quality anymore, the Paolucci family decided to take the risk and open their own winey. With the help of some friends which have a lot of experience in wine-making and wine-marketing they became very succesfull from the beginning.

Nicolino Paolucci take care of the vinyards and of the winemaking, with the help of his wife Serena and his son Michele. His daughter Elena which is too young to help motivates them with her continuous happiness.

The name Venea, closely linked to the territory, is the name of the goddess Venus to which a temple was dedicated and upon which later the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere was built (1165-1204 CC). This Abbey was an historical Monastery that has been a reference point, a crossroads, a beacon of civilization, culture, economy and religion for centuries. The goddess Venea was thought to be the guard of Costa dei trabocchi. From the roof of the winery you can see the sea. On the shores, where the Earth tries to caress the sea, you can find the old trabocchi, ancient typical fishing machine from Abruzzo.