Vicomte Bernard de Romanet

The history dates back to 1050. In the 15th century, the property was expanded to Beaune. Then the Romanet family was granted the right to add “de Beaune” to their name.

Several centuries ago, as winemaking was described as “noble agricultural art” it was common among aristocrats to include winemaking as a part of their business. The winery of the Romanet family today is located in the vineyard Saint Jean d'Ardieres in Beaujolais.

Viscount Romanet, truly loves traditional Bourgogne wines. The House of Romanet also deals with wines from other areas in France. Paying the respect to the characteristics of the soil, the maximum expression of fruitiness and flavor is the top priority. All the wines made by the Romanet Family pursue the integration of these two factors. In accordance with the tradition, most of the Romanet wines are aged in oak barrels, but the hint of oak is not so dominant. Wine can be enjoyed now while they also age well.

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