Villa Raiano

Villa Raiano was born in 1996 with the purpose of producing all typical wines from Irpinia. Since then, its sales have grown both nationally and internationally until when, in 2009, the company moved to a new building where it was able to focus even more on quality and on representing faithfully Irpinia.

Irpinia is our land.
Irpinia is a fertile land, a land of water and wine, daughter of the Wolf, proud of its own traditions and history. Proud as we are ourselves of this land, our land, where we decided to carry on the family business. Irpinia is a cold land, the face of a different southern Italy. An intertwining of mountains and hills crossed by rivers and creeks that make this piece of southern Apennines a unique and inimitable place to grow the vine.

The vineyards
The viticulture in Irpinia has an ancient history. It developed geographically along two rivers that are both from the Tuoro-Terminio massif of Southern Apennines, but which run towards two different directions. Along the banks of the river Sabato, which flows on the east side, there are the municipalities which include the two white-grapes appellations of the province of Avellino: Fiano di Avellino docg and Greco di Tufo docg. While along the banks of the river Calore, which flows on the west side, there are the red-grapes appellations, all linked to Aglianico grape, especially Taurasi docg. We own vineyards in each appellation of the province of Avellino. Among them we have selected those most suitable to achieve high quality results but very different from each other. We believe, indeed, that the true strength of this land is the difference and this is what we aim to bring out from our productions.

The winery
Built in 2009, since 1996 the production was carried out in the old family oil mill in Raiano district of the town of Serino (AV), it is the hub of our company. A building perfectly integrated into the neighboring environment, surrounded by vineyards and oak woods. On top of it a panoramic terrace overlooking a wonderful valley sculpted by Sabato river that descends proudly from Monte Terminio.
Variety of altitudes, microclimate, soil: each bottle is the story of a unique and inimitable history. Irpinia is a land without a logical thread between exposures and altitudes that continuously varies following the profile of hills and mountains that climb up to 1800 m asl. A thread that reconnects to the flavor profile of our white and red DOCG wines which acquire different connotations from vine to vine telling the uniqueness and the various traits of our territory.

Label design history
The label represents the wolf, representative animal of Irpinia. The name Irpinia means land of the wolf in ancient Ocan language.

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