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Vinos Jeromin

The history of the wines of Madrid dates back to the beginning of the 13th century, which means that the denomination 'Vinos de Madrid' is the result of an old vine growing tradition in Madrid.

The D.O.Vinos de Madrid has been defined, controlled and protected since 1990 and covers the grapes and wines from 54 municipalities located in the Southern area of the Community of Madrid.

VINOS JEROMIN, S.L., family cellar, is located in VIllarejo de Salvanes, the best area for vineyards in the whole D.O.' Vinos de Madrid'. The winery is placed in the fertile area of the 'Tajo river' plain. This sub-area (Arganda del Rey) covers over 6.400 hectares of vineyards, sitting on clayey terraces with excellent climatic disposition: an average temperature of 14°C, a rainfall of over 500 liters per square meter/year and more than 2.800 hours of sunshine per year.

The winery was founded in 1956 and in 1988 was completely restored, incorporating the latest technology for the elaboration of the quality wines such as new stainless steel tanks, refrigeration, and a premises with 700 barrels of French and American oak for the ageing of the wines...). The winery has a bottling?line capable of 3000 bot./hour. The storage capacity of the winery is 4.000.000litres.

VINOS JEROMIN, S.L. today the winery of Madrid elaborates and sells the most bottled wines of D.O. Vinos de Madrid in fact 25% of the commercialized wine of the whole D.O. Vinos de Madrid.
As a result of their careful work, VINOS JEROMIN, S.L. has developed a new generation of wines, creating vanguard products that satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.

"Our wines compete, both on international and national level, thanks to their excellent physical-chemical and organoleptical quality, obtained through the careful methods of our oenological equipment and through the application of the most outstanding technologies of the wine sector."

This is why VINOS JEROMIN,S.L. has won important prizes from the most prestigious institutions of the national and international scenes, as well as in different contests like for example two bronze medals in Bacchus 2004, two silver medals in 'Challenge International du Vin 2004' , one silver medal in contest 'Vina de Madrid 1004'.....