Our Story

Origin & Japan establishment

The Pieroth family traces its origins and wine producing tradition back to the year 1675 when their ancestor Heinrich Pieroth was listed as living in the village of Stromberg. In 1905, the wine production was already the main source of business for the Pieroth Family.

Since then, constant efforts in the vineyards and in the winery allowed Pieroth wines to get customers attention and recognition.

Dedicated and innovative, Elmar and Kuno Pieroth who took over the family business in 1953, extend at a fast pace their wine distribution in and out of Germany. Today Pieroth is successfully established in 22 countries and areas around the world.

In 1969 Japan became Pieroth first overseas venture, after Elmar Pieroth himself conducted one week of test sales in 1968. The first branch office could be set up in June 1971 and then on 17.5.1974 Pieroth Japan KK was finally established.

On and Off Trade development

Though the original business was Direct sales to Private customers, in 1980, following the increasing demands from professional to work with Pieroth , the B2B division was created in order to serve hotels, restaurants, bars etc. Quickly the division went from working with few customers in Tokyo to directly supplying thousands of professionals all over Japan, from casual dining to the most prestigious establishments.

In 2001 the division further expanded by extending the products and services to Retail and Department stores.

Today Pieroth Restaurant and Retail team has spread throughout Japan and is employing over 90 sales representatives in 19 sales offices, from Sapporo to Naha.

Thanks to the local presence, dedicated wine assortment and broad services, we are able to answer very diverse needs from a large palette of customer types. This coverage is unmatched on the market and allows to proudly serve over 18,000 B2B customers today, which makes it the only company in Japan to directly work with such a large clientele.